Companies at Daybreak Labs Solve Hard Problems

Our Mission

Daybreak Labs helps life sciences and deep tech startups bridge the gap from technical breakthrough to scalable business, without breaking the bank.

As the Tri-Valley’s first and only non-profit incubator for life sciences and deep tech startups, Daybreak Labs offers the laboratory facilities, networks, and support resources that founders need to build successful companies.

Current and Alumni Companies

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Daybreak Labs Staff and Advisors

Daybreak Labs Staff

Yolanda Fintschenko head shot
Yolanda Fintschenko, PhD
Executive Director
Meryem Rqibate head shot
Meryem Rqibate, MD
Operations Manager and Biosafety Officer

Daybreak Labs Advisors

Our advisor network is growing. A few of our advisors are highlighted below. Download our Advisory Program deck to learn more about becoming a Daybreak Labs Startup Advisor


Janelle Muranaka Head Shot
Janelle Muranaka, VP Operations, Meissa Vaccines

Operations Advisor

Brian Wilson head shot
Brian Wilson, R&D Space Acquisition Advisor, Cushman & Wakefield

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

drew felker HS

Drew Felker, CEO and Co-Founder,Carboniferous

Early Stage Energy Startup Advisor

Chair – Hard Tech Energy Startup Advising Program


Reem Mahrat headshot

Reem Mahrat, CEO and Founder, RamanID

Early Stage Diagnostics and Therapeutics Advisor


Ming Tan headshot

Ming Tan, PhD, CEO & Founder, Wainamics

Technical Advisor, Product Concept to Manufacturing

Vrushali Tembe Headshot

Vrushali Tembe, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, P+F Products + Features, GmbH

Med Tech Regulatory Advisor

Tomer Altman

Tomer Altman, Founder and Principle, Altman Analytics

Technical Advisor, Bioinformatics and Machine Learning

Kat Miranda Headshot

Kat Miranda,  Co-Founder, Apollo AIS

Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship, Chabot College

Go To Market Advisor